The European Logistics Center ASU Trading GmbH (Austria) is honored to offer a unique product – AN-74 multi-purpose aircraft. The airplane was designed in the mid-1970s, yet its AN-74T-200A and AN-74TK-300 modifications achieved great success in tackling the challenges of today. AN-74 is capable to take off and land in all climate zones and on any kind of runways including on sand, ground and swamp grounds as well as ice and airfields covered with snow.

The airplane's highest standards of reliability and endurance is combined with simplicity of service and ease of personnel training.

The career of AN-74 progressed from The Coaler to the Flying SUV (AN-74T-200A) and The Prince (AN-74TK-300D).

We love this airplane and want to share our passion for it with you in the times when this Ukrainian-made product is reborn. The entire process of replacing key vendor items to those produced in the EU, the United States and Canada paves a way to new opportunities of selling airplanes to the new markets and its involvement in a larger number of projects.

We invite customers to see the capabilities of AN-74 modified versions from a different perspective, taking into account modern technical support and training programs verified by the European standards of service. We will welcome cooperation with investors interested in joint conduct of new projects.

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