March - start of the serial production of new passenger interiors for AN-140, AN-74ТК-300 and AN-74ТК-200

20 April - first flight of AN-74ТК-300 (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

16-23 June - first presentation of a new AN-74TK-300 designed by “Antonov” Design Scientific-Technical Complex, KSAMC, JSC “Motor Sich” and InterAMI at Le Bourget 2001 air show (Paris, France)

14-19 August - 3 airplanes produced by KSAMC – AN-140, AN-74TK-200 and AN-74TK-300 – participate in MAKS 2001 air show (Moscow region, Russia)


9 September - AN-74TK-300 acquires a type certificate from the Aircraft Registry of International Aviation Committee (Moscow, Russia)

11 November - AN-140 and AN-74TK-300 successfully completed the Kharkiv – Kish Island (Iran) – Zhuhai (China) – Ras al-Khaimah (UAE) –Kharkiv flight to take part in Iran Airshow-2002 and Airshow China-2002. Total length of the flight: 20,635 km.

7-10 December - AN-140 and AN-74TK-300 flew to Krasnoyarsk and Yakutsk to participate in SAKS-2002 air show and present AN-140 in Yakutsk, Russia


August - demonstration of AN-74TK-300D VIP registration number UR-LDK to the President of Ukraine’s heads of security (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

November - End of fulfilling the order to refurbishment AN-74TK-300D VIP to be used by “Ukraine” State Enterprise (Kharkiv-Kiev, Ukraine) 


June - presentation of AN-74TK-300D VIP and AN-140 to Ilhan Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan, at Boryspil airport (Kiev, Ukraine)

18 June - presentation of AN-74ТК-200, AN-74ТК-300D and AN-140-100 to  Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei at Gostomel airport as part of his official visit to Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine)

July - “Ukraine” State Enterprise starts to use a new modification of AN-74TK-300D VIP (Kiev, Ukraine)

2 September - KSAMC signs an agreement to sell two AN-74TK-300D to “UkrTransLizing” Ltd (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

18 September - Teodoro Obiang Nguema, President of Equatorial Guinea, attended KSAMC with his spouse. The result of the meeting was an agreement to sell AN-74TK-200 with a perspective to deliver AN-74TK-300 (Kharkiv, Ukraine)


15-18 April - presentation and demonstration flights of AN-74TK-300D and AN-140 in Libya as part of the Ukraine’s State Secretary official visit to Libya (Tripoli, Libya)

11 May - KSAMC signs Agreement to sell four AN-74TK-200 and two AN-74TK-300 to Sudan Airways (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

21 May - KSAMC signs a Contract with the Board of Directors of “Kosmoproekt” (Moscow, Russia) to deliver AN-74TK-300D to Laos (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

30 June - presentation of AN-140 and AN-74TK-300D to the President of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski (Gdynia, Poland)

9 September - KSAMC signs a Сontract to sell one AN-74TK-300D to the Libya’s Civil Aviation Administration (Tripoli, Libya)

16 September - transfer of the first AN-74T-200 to the Arab Republic of Egypt under a Сontract signed between the parties: KSAMC & MOD of Egypt (Kharkiv-Cairo)

20-24 November - KSAMC participates in Dubai Air Show 2005. Members of the KSAMC delegation exhibit AN-74TK-300D VIP to HH The Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Dubai, UAE)


17 May - start of the certification process for AN-140 and AN-74 in Venezuela (Kharkiv-Caracas)

2 October - Certification of AN-74 and AN-140 according to the rules and regulations of the National Institute of Civil Aviation INAC (Venezuela)


10-21 February - AN-74TK-100 conducts a return flight to Venezuela via Kharkiv – Valencia (Spain) – Sal, Cape Verde – Forfaleza (Brazil) – Caracas (Venezuela)

17 February - KSAMC signs a Agreement (Summario) with Venezuela’s Ministry of Defence to deliver AN-74 and AN-140 airplanes of different modifications (Maracay, Venezuela)


23 April - transfer of the 2-nd serial An-74TK-300D for the Government of Libya (Kharkiv-Tripoli) 

15 October - transfer of the 3-rd serial AN-74TK-300D for the Government of Laos (Kharkiv-Vientiane)

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