• The aircraft received index AN-74TK-300D in which “D” stands for “business” (rus. Delovoy) AN-74TK-300D is a light regional transport aircraft of the new generation. It is a result of a thorough modernisation of the original AN-74TK-300. The noise and pollution levels of AN-74TK-300D completely satisfy ICAO requirements;
  • The main idea behind the aircraft was to provide a client to take not only personal belongings but to be surrounded by most enjoyable entourage, as well as to take the owner’s favourite car with him. AN-74TK-300D capability to transport a car of the Passenger №1 makes the aircraft unique among business jets of analogous class; AN-74TK-300D (VIP) has a uniform classical interior and makes a good impression. Interior designers created an environment that visually magnifies a wide aircraft cabin;
  • The front aircraft panel is made from veneer of expensive types of wood; a 18 inch display, audio-system and DVD set are inserted in the panel. On the right-hand side there is a glass cupboard with a set of various glasses. One of the aircraft options also has a luxurious sofa on the left-hand side made from leather of the highest quality. There is also a bar nearby with a selection of the client’s favourite drinks.   The Passenger №1 interior has ergonomic transformable chairs that can take most comfortable position. There is also a table with a adjustable levels;
  • The aircraft’s VIP zone deserves a special attention. Lights that imitate soft daylight are inserted into gaps that divide a two-level ceiling. The top level makes a closed set with ceiling panels, while the lower level creates effect of a starlit sky with a myriad of lights. Passengers can choose light modes depending on their mood and the atmosphere in the salon;
  • Every seat is equipped with cupholders, ashtray and remote control, which allows to change light levels and customise video- and audio-system settings. A thoughtful positioning of a subwoofer and dynamics enables to get the clearest and most sophisticated sound. 

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