Pavel Naumenko

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Born: 9/09/1965 (age 52)

Residence: Kiev, Ukraine

2009 - Present

Expert and Project Coordinator in a number of companies based in the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria

Organized commercial, infrastructural and humanitarian projects in aviation, construction and social research. Prepared and published books for a target audience in the European Union and USA through organization of sales via international e-trade networks. Conducted marketing activities regarding aircraft of different types and designation produced in Germany, Austria, Belarus and Ukraine. Organized works in the field of fly-by-wire (FBW) control system for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Working on a finalized Doctor of Science dissertation on the subject of “Process control of primary shaping of arbitrary surfaces of aircraft parts on the CNC equipment”. Supporting and promoting a range of IT projects since 2014. One of them is DROTR – DROID TRANSLATOR represented as the most promising communicator with a capability of online translation on 29 languages..

2007 - 2009

Advisor of the General Director of “InterAMI” Ltd

Provided consultations regarding patent work (protection of intellectual rights on the objects of intellectual property), optimized financial flows and restructured financial liabilities. Organized fundraising.

2002 - 2007

General Director of Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company (KSAMC)  

Organized production of AN-74 and AN-140 aircraft and their modifications, as well as  aggregates and parts of AN-148. Launched serial production of AN-140, AN-74TK-300D,  AN-74T-200A,  AN-140-100 business option,  AN-74TK-200S.

Created an international aircraft sales network (16 countries in total), signed contracts and agreements on aircraft deliveries, aviation aggregates and related services to organizations and companies based in Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Laos, Libya, Sudan, UAE, Venezuela and other countries with subsequent realization of these contracts. 

Organized funding of KSAMC by Ukrainian commercial banks and international banks from USA, UK and Russia.

Organized participation of KSAMC in international aviation shows, such as Le Bourget (Paris, France), Farnborough (London, UK), MAKS (Moscow, Russia),  Aviasvit XXI (Kiev, Ukraine), Kish Air Show (Iran), Dubai Air Show (Dubai, UAE) and others. Managed the work of 7,900 employees.  

1990 - 2002

President of “InterAMI” Ltd  

Founded and managed the company. Organized production of “Amitron” TV sets in collaboration with “Samsung” (1992-1995); production line of products made from polymer concrete (1994-2005); joint production of packaging materials with Duropack AG (Austria) in Ukraine. Publication political newspaper "Event" (1992-2005) and "General Aviation" journal (since 2000).

Organized construction, development and management of the Design and Manufacturing Complex “InterAMI-Interior” that designed and produced interiors for various vehicles, including airplanes, helicopters and train carriages (1999-2009). The Complex successfully designed and launched serial production of aircraft interiors for AN-74TK-200, AN-74TK-300,  AN-74TK-300D,  AN-140/AN-140-100,  AN-140-100 business option, L-410 UVP (E) VIP, Yak-40 VIP, Ka-226 VIP helicopter, Ka-226 medical option, concepts of metropolitan train carriages and other projects. Organized participation of the company in international exhibitions. Managed the work of 350 employees.

1988 - 1990

Master of the manufacturing section in the aggregate-assembling workshop of Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company (KSAMC)

Organized work of a section devoted to assembly of special groups (cockpit avionics and aircraft equipment). Subsequently, managed the final assembly section of engine nussels for AN-72 / 74. Managed the work of 10 employees.

Education, Scholarly Degree

National Aerospace University – Kharkiv Aviation Institute  (1982-1888), Highest Educational Engineering Center INIKO (1992-1995), PhD (Candidate of Technical Sciences) (1995-2003), Docent of the National Aerospace University – Kharkiv Aviation Institute (2006), Full member (Academician) of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine 2006), IT Education Center GROWN UP (Education course on «Objective-C. Programming for iPhone / iPad (iOS)») (2012-2013).

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